Dawson e-SPorts

Dawson eSports Association is a gaming club made to bring all the gamers present at Dawson College together and provide them with a home. We are here to make the gaming community bigger and better and help out the new students feel at ease on their new adventure.

Along the year, we have our club room always open to everyone with plenty of space for members to come in a play. They can set up their own laptop and hop on a game with other members or challenge others to a little fighting game. We also have events, such as casual LAN parties and tournaments, for even for fun. 


Korea Tea

Our mission as a club is to explore the various aspects of the Korean culture. From music to food, we want to expand our knowledge about South Korea. By doing so, we hope to meet more and more people who share the same interest.


Etcetera is an open safe space for anyone who identifies as LGBTAQA +, is questioning their identity and / or sexuality or is an ally. We provide a place in which people can express themselves freely, no matter how they identify. Information concerning gender/sexual indentity can be discusssed with those who are curious on the subject.

Dawson Christian Fellowship

DCF encourages students to live in community (fellowship) through Bible study, prayer, worship, and outreach so that its diverse members can express and explore God's love together in a way that is inclusive and relevant to campus and to the world today. We are a group of students gathered together following in the footsteps of Jesus. It is also a place for people who do not consider themselves Christian to come, ask questions, discuss and learn more about God, Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith.

Dawson Comics and Anime club

To raise awareness and accessibility to both western and eastern animation and comics. To create and foster a welcoming environment for people who share a passion for both comic books and animation.

Dawson Dance Troupe

The Dawson Dance Troupe exists to provide exciting and unique opportunities for dance and performance. We will strive to bring students together from diverse backgrounds, and to unite them under the common objective of dance.

Metal Club

Metal Club is a space where people who have an interest in the music and culture of metal can go to feel at home and comfortable, whilst sharing common ground of interest with those around them. Despite our dark and intimidating image, we are quite friendly and welcoming people who stand up for our beliefs and protect those in need around us. One of the objectives we have is to put on a concert each year to raise some money for the bands that played in it and get them awareness as artists. The other half of the money goes out to feed and cloth the homeless and less fortunate of Montreal. This event was extremely successful in the past and we hope to continue the good work this year. All around, Metal Club is a place to have fun and meet great and funny people . We do not get offended perhaps at all, and if we do, we don't really care what you did. We are tough people and help those around us to be tough. We also enforce a strict no skipping class in the club space policy as we are here to study and that should be a main priority.


The Legacy’s mandate is to educate all while providing a positive and safe outlet for people of color. As a club, the goal is to expose the student body to the various facets of the prismatic African, and Caribbean culture, history, and entertainment while encouraging cultural diversity and kinship. Having members meet together through a welcoming environment facilitates this movement. The Legacy aims at promoting Dawson’s greatest assets- the people, the positivity, the social-networking opportunities, and the greater community that is being fostered.


The purpose of the Dawson Science Fiction and Fantasy Association is to promote literacy, creativity, and acceptance of the self and of others through all forms of role-playing, board games, card games, as well as the many other facets of science-fiction and fantasy. Sci-Fi also aims to educate the student body and faculty in the principles of science-fiction and fantasy as a modern pastime, expansive genre, and lifestyle.

Chill Club

Chill club started out as an idea, there was a guy who wanted to make a lot of friends in Cegep but obviously he couldn't talk to everyone and he wouldn't make lasting friendships that way, so he started chill club. The entire point of chill club is to create a place where people from all walks of life, rich, poor, black, white, foreign or demestic, chill club is for you. This club is about making long lasting friendships with new people in cegep without the nervousness of starting the conversation or being restricted to the people in your program. Chill club is a place where people come in to figure out who they are and branch out from there with the people they meet. 

Dawson Theatre Collective

The Dawson Theatre Collective exists to promote the theatrical arts throughout the college, and to provide a creative outlet in theatre outside of the Professional Theatre Program