Dawson E-Sports

Dawson E-sports Association is a gaming club made to bring all the gamers present at Dawson College together and provide them with a home. We are here to make the gaming community bigger and better and help out the new students feel at ease on their new adventure.

Along the year, we have our club room always open to everyone with plenty of space for members to come in a play. They can set up their own laptop and hop on a game with other members or challenge others to a little fighting game. We also have events once a month, such as casual LAN parties and tournaments, for even more fun. 

Hannah Ly - President :

Jeffrey Amaya - Vice President : 

Jonathan Smilovitch - Treasurer :

Sofia G. Ghermeli - Secretary : 

Sebastien Dorce - Event Manager :

Timmy Taing - Club Space Supervisor :


Korea Tea

Our mission as a club is to explore the various aspects of the Korean culture. From music to food, we want to expand our knowledge about South Korea. By doing so, we’ll do many activities hoping to meet more people who share the same interest.

Chairperson/President: Elizabeth Ellington -

Secretary/Co-chairperson: Malika Baba -

Treasurer: Lori Lo -

Events Secretary: Shivjit Chhina -

Internal Secretary: Lissom Huang -

External Secretary: Emma Serri -

Dawson Christian Fellowship

DCF encourages students to live in community (fellowship) through Bible study, prayer, worship, and outreach so that its diverse members can express and explore God's love together in a way that is inclusive and relevant to campus and to the world today. We are a group of students gathered together following in the footsteps of Jesus. It is also a place for people who do not consider themselves Christian to come, ask questions, discuss and learn more about God, Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith.

Anais Carjan -

Ce'Nedra Lowe -

Matthew Williams -

Nicholas Xenos -

Stecy Chery -


The Legacy

The Legacy is the oldest student run club in Dawson College since 1969. First knows as Black & 3rd world club. Later changed to African Legacy. In 2013, the club name was officially changed to The Legacy. It was originally geared towards to unifying black students and celebrating black culture.

Our Goal is to expose the student body to the various facets of prismatic African, and Caribbean culture, history and entertainment while encouraging cultural diversity and kinship.

Tsion Mariam Sisaye - President -

Naftalia Allison - VP of Operations -

Chayenne Jimenez - VP of Finances 

Keana Mervil-Earl -VP of Marketing

Natasha Iyamah - VP of Internal Affairs -

Soshanna Beckford - Member at Large -

Chill club logo.jpg

Chill Club

Chill Club is more than just a place to hang out between breaks. (If that’s what you’re looking for, that’s cool too.) Chill Club is a place to help you get out of your fresh-out-of-high school bubble. Unlike most of the other clubs, we don’t have a theme or a goal. We accept everyone; metal heads, gamers, party animals, and everyone in between. If you’re nervous about making new friends in college, Chill Club is a place to explore Dawson and meet great people. It is the start to friendships, house parties, and your awesome college career.



Spotlight is a group dedicated to embracing performance-based art forms
and bringing together the best talent Dawson has to offer. Spotlight’s
mission is to help people get out of their comfort zones and to embrace
their creative side.

Spotlight hopes to put on shows that inspire others and to create a safe
and inviting environment for artists and performers alike. Spotlight
welcomes performers of all backgrounds, included, but not limited to:
dancers, actors, singers, and slam poets.

EMMA CAZAURANG (President):        CAMERON CHIOVITTI (Secretary):
EMILY TILSON (Special Events)
                    MASON ROST (General Exec):                    ZACKARY KIK (General Exec):

MAC Logo.jpg

Dawson Music and Arts Club

The Dawson Music & Art club is created for and by music and art lovers. Our goal is to provide a place where people can gather to get inspired, socialize, share ideas, and improve your art and music skills. If you want to have fun, come and join us, and be a member of MAC!

Yiran Wang President (Art) -

Hanyan Xue President (Music) -

Tiffany Chénier Vice-president -

Melissa Roach Internal Secretary -  

Charlotte Gonzalez-Legendre Ext Secretary -

Jonas Mayo Treasurer

Witkeys He Events Coordinator -

Florencia S. Munoz O. Events Coordinator -

The Plant Logo.jpg

The Plant

The Plant Newspaper has been the go-to source for everything Dawson since 1969! As one of the school’s oldest groups, we pride ourselves on being a platform where all students can contribute, voice their opinions and write about the things they care about. Whether you want to work in Journalism or simply enjoy writing, the Plant is the perfect place to practice both. We publish themed print issues every month and post online on our website daily. If you want to find out how you can contribute, or simply want to get in contact with us, visit us at The Plant room in 2C.10, send us an email at or PM us @ThePlantNews on Facebook or Instagram.


Gary-Joseph Panganiban, Editor-in-Chief -

Maud Belair, Managing Editor -

Christina Papageorgakopoulos, Copy Editor -

Yael Ezerzer, Coordinating Editor -


Dawson Debate Union

The Dawson Debate Union is a club that, though weekly meetings, aims to help students learn the proper format of debate, use these newly-acquired skills in rounds of debate against other students in practice rounds, and broaden their horizons when it comes to politics, economics, international relations, and any other topic that the judges may choose to make you argue (which could be anything from social media to Trumps wall to Batman).

Zac Bensemana (co-president) -

David Aronoff (co-president) -

Michael Hamilton (treasurer) -

Jordana Khouah (secretary) -


Muslim Student Association

MSA is a club that provides a safe space for the Dawson Muslim community (but not exclusively). Although, the club is a mean to aid Muslim students to connect and practice their faiths; we take pride in our openness and non discriminatory conduct where different sexual orientations, genders, political ideologies along with religious view are all welcomed. Our goal is to raise awareness about Islam as religion and shed the light on issues such as Islamophobia and various types of discrimination.  

“Humanity is but a single Brotherhood: So make peace with your brethren.” - Quran 49:10


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